[Qualitative Study] – AIDRom

Assessment of Training Needs by AIDRom Association (Romania)

Refugee women participated in Romania, Timisoara, in our project research regarding job opportunities and personal skills.
24 refugee women 
from all the country, originally from Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Nigeria and Cameroon, took part in the research that took place in 2 phases: an individual questionnaire and a focus group.

In 2017 in Romania there were 4820 asylum requests and 1309 persons were granted refugee protection. Many of the refugees that received governmental protection chose not to stay in the country for different reasons. Most challenges refugee women face, according to the research in Romania, are exceeded through Romanian language programs and finding jobs in the field of original education of experience of the migrant women.

The research in Romania is implemented by AIDRom Association that provides complex social assistance to refugee and asylum seekers, national wide since 2012. The programs offer social and legal counseling, language classes, cultural orientation courses, medical and financial assistance and  assisting the migrants to find jobs.

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