C1 – Short-term joint staff training event (Sofia, Bulgaria, from 2 – 6 July)

Transversal competences and soft skills for women with fewer opportunities – Curriculum for training trainers

In the past week – from the 2nd to the 6th of July in Sofia (Bulgaria) – at the C1 Training, the Curriculum materials and Guidelines that will support the Protocol and next training courses started to be designed.

The curriculum serves the need to train adult education professionals for their work with women at risk of social exclusion and fewer educational opportunities. The training based on that curriculum should help the practitioners to support women with fewer opportunities to get aware of their transversal and social skills and to strengthen them with the aim to increase their chances of an adequate equal integration into the labor market.
The curriculum consists of 5 subject areas considering the needs of women at job searching, different transversal and social skills, standards to respect cultural diversity and gender equality in adult education and in the protocol, good practice experiences as well as the collaborative construction of a tool to apply the protocol and to conduct a self-evaluation of competences recognition for women at risk of social exclusion and fewer educational opportunities.
Referring to the skills it also provides methods and good practice approaches to determine existing skills and to strengthen them.

Next short-term joint staff training event (C2) will take place in Riga, Latvia, next April 2019.


Watch the video here:



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