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WhomeN Project Protocol was created with the aim of becoming a real support for the adult women at risk of social exclusion – migrants, refugees and women over 45 – with a full breadth of experience and competences and who are working without any official professional qualification.

The aim of this Protocol is to:                                    

  • Facilitate the identification and evaluation of soft skills;
  • Share tools and methods to teach/learn and/or consolidate soft skills;
  • Contribute to new professional orientation and integration strategies.

The Protocol consists of:

  • A reflection about the women targeted by this methodology;
  • Insights about the importance of acquiring and recognizing soft skills in adult education;
  • Highlights on the quality approach built in inspired in ECVET and ECAVET views and concepts:
  • Guidelines to assure respect for gender equality and intercultural respect;
  • A tool for self-assessment of soft skills available online;
  • A training curricula of 5 days for professionals working with the target group.

The sections of the Protocol are:

  • Curricula on necessary soft skills for women at risk of social exclusion;
  • Curricula and pedagogic material for trainers on soft skills;
  • Guidelines on how to implement WhomeN protocol;
  • Guidelines to introduce cultural diversity and gender equality in WhomeN Protocol
  • Curricula for pilot implementation of the protocol: Training courses curricula on soft skills for women at risk of social exclusion. 

The main innovation of WhomeN protocol is the focus of Soft Skills and personal competences recognition for women at risk of social exclusion, such as: Strategic and creative thinking; Decision-making ability; Problem solving competence; Capacity to negotiate; Intercultural competence.


The Protocol introduces and describes new types of situational learning: Mentoring, Apprenticeship, Group Activities, Game-Based Learning, The interview, Pictorial methods and Method of memory.

Professionals will learn new methods for training of women such as: Mind Mapping, Six Thinking Hats, Counselling interviews, Artist method, Training for job interviews, Role play, The prisoner´s dilemma, The 4-Field-Method, Method of loci and The Argument Training Method.


You can learn all this and more in the full Protocol en English or in the summary available in 10 languages. Check here.

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