Multiplier Event – CIK (Slovenia)

On the 3rd December 2019 the Trebnje Center for Education and Culture, in Slovenia, presented project Whomen to the stakeholders at a National Event.

The event, which was attended by almost 40 stakeholders, was first addressed by the Mayor of Trebnje municipality, Alojzij Kastelic, and by the Director of the Trebnje Center for Education and Culture, Patricija Pavlič.

Divided in two moments, the presentation included a presentation of the examples of good practice in European projects with special focus to Project Whomen and the intellectual outputs already developed in the project, namely the Protocol and the Soft skills self-evaluation tool, as well as an introduction to the pilot training that will be carried out in the coming year.

These National Events developed by the project partners are very important moments to disseminate and reach new stakeholders.

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