Final Conference – 17th March, Seville (Spain)

17th of March 2020

Espacio Santa Clara (C/Becas s/n, 41002 Seville, Spain)

16:00 – Reception

16:30 – Presentation
Águeda Ballester (Director of Fundación Aljaraque)
Javier Camacho (Fundación Juventud y Cultura)

16:45 Project WhomeN and its results
Encarnación Barrera (Fundación Aljaraque)

17:15 Round of  interventions by invited experts
1. Recognition of skills as a key factor for employability of women at risk of social exclusion

18:00 – Coffee Break/Networking

18:30 – Round of interventions by invited experts
2. Success stories and good practices in social-labor inclusion of women at risk of social exclusion

19:00 – WhomeN impact / Learnings and user experiences
Flavius ​​Ilioni (AIDROM, Romania), Debora Angeli (COSPE, Italy), project users

19:30 – Closing & Cocktail

Lee el programa en español

— Free entry with previous registration / Entrada gratuita con previa inscripción here/aquí


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