Training Courses – Pilot Implementation of the Protocol


Pilot implementation of the protocol is organized at each partner country involved and coordinated by an expert committee through training courses focusing on the target group – migrant, refugee and +45 women in risk of social exclusion. Each partner is organizing 1 to 3 courses following the ECVET and EQAVET european reference framework.

With this activity it is possible to recognize and validate Protocol usefulness according direct evaluation from the women involved. In the end, responsible partners will collect comparable scenarios from all partner countries and gather the different recommendations from the target groups.

Check below the already developed courses by Fundación Aljaraque and AIDRom Association.


Fundación Aljaraque celebrated in Seville (Spain) from 2-6 march two training courses (25h) on “Soft skills for job opportunities” for refugee women.


AIDRom Association celebrated from 30th February to 6th march two training courses, in Timiosara and Oradea (Romania) for 30 women.

Last week, 30 women of all ages participated in the “Training course on transversal/soft skills for women in Romania” that took place in 2 cities, Timisoara and Oradea (Romania), organised by AIDRom Association – Foreigner in Timisoara – Discover Romanian Culture.

The women came from very different backgrounds: from girls leaving foster care, teachers, stay at home mothers, women from rural areas, refugees to women coming from Roma communities. Most of the women were unemployed and looking for a job in the future.

With the help of 3 certified trainers – Flavius Ilioni-Loga, Simona Loga and Simona Popan – the participants learned and practiced their soft skills with non-formal methods.

All the participants offered a positive feedback, took the online autoevaluation on and asked for more training on soft skills in the future, agreeing that the lifelong skills are much needed in prospects for a job as well as every day life.

A special thanks to the partners who collaborated with AIDRom in Project WhomeN: LOGS and Fundația Missio Link International (Timisoara) and Centrul Sukhar Tărian and Centrul Crestin Betania Oradea (Oradea).

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