The Project WhomeN Interactive Platform is Online

    After the Qualitative Study and after finalizing the Protocol, Project WhomeN is finally launching the Interactive Platform, an intuitive and flexible multilingual online tool where you can test your competences and Soft Skills through a simple online test. This platform, developed by the Italian partner COSPE Onlus, was developed specifically for women at risk of social exclusion (Migrants/Refugees or +45 years old women … Continue reading The Project WhomeN Interactive Platform is Online

Multiplier Event – EUROYOUTH (Portugal)

    As expected, yesterday (28th November 2019), EUROYOUTH organized its Multiplier Event in Casa do Brasil de Lisboa and presented the project to several women organizations and also individual women who relate to this project. It was a very important moment to disseminate this project and inform relevant people of the work developed so far for all partners in this Project WhomeN.  The presentation … Continue reading Multiplier Event – EUROYOUTH (Portugal)

4th Transnational Coordination Meeting in Verona (Italy)

  In the past 13th November 2019, all partners of Project WhomeN were gathered to discuss the current situation of project activities. The main objective of this meeting was to discuss about the Protocol (final version revision and recommendation for improvements), presented by Fundación Aljaraque and LEB, as well as the Interactive platform that hosts the protocol (main contents and sections, the self-evaluation tool and next … Continue reading 4th Transnational Coordination Meeting in Verona (Italy)

Multiplier Event – EUROYOUTH (Portugal)

After COSPE Onlus Multiplier Event in Italy, now it’s the time for EUROYOUTH in Portugal, next 28th November 2019 from 3pm-6pm at Casa do Brasil in Lisbon. The aim is to reach professionals that work with women in risk of social exclusion looking for job opportunities and training. EUROYOUTH chose Casa do Brasil de Lisboa, a non profit organization located in the center of Lisbon, in … Continue reading Multiplier Event – EUROYOUTH (Portugal)

Multiplier Event – COSPE Onlus (Italy)

    On the past 26th of September, COSPE Onlus presented Project WhomeN and the first draft of the Platform in a Multiplier Event that took place in Verona (Italy) at a big event co-funded by Verona Municipality where many associations that work with migrant women and  in the field of work orientation and placement were present.     The Multiplier Events are crucial moments for … Continue reading Multiplier Event – COSPE Onlus (Italy)