FA – Fundación Aljaraque (Spain)


AIDRom – Asociatia Ecumenica a Bisericilor din Romania (Romania)

GEN – Association
Generations (Bulgaria)

CIK TREBNJE – Center Za Izobrazevanje in Kulturo Trebnje Javni Zavod (Slovenia)

COSPE – Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo dei Paesi Emergenti Onlus (Italy)

EUROYOUTH Portugal (Portugal)

FJyC – Fundación Juventud y Cultura (Spain)

LEB – Ländliche Erwachsenenbildung Thüringen 
e.V. (Germany)

LAEA – Latvian Adult Education Association (Latvia)




Aljaraque Foundation is a non-profit organisation with over 20 years of experience in caring for the family and the most disadvantaged and vulnerable sections of society. Its main purpose is to promote educational, cultural and social activities designed especially for the family, placing the differential value in the comprehensive care of the person. In addition, it is dedicated to the search for channels of professionalization for people at risk of social exclusion in line with EU values.

Aljaraque Foundation, which is registered in the National Registry of Foundations of the Department of Education with registration number 387, develops its activity in Spain and networking with other Spanish and European entities.

Its general aims are:
• Encourage, promote and support educational, scientific, cultural, sports and non-formal training aimed  to collaborate in holistic development of children, youth and women.
• Cooperation for national and international development at impoverished areas.
• Supporting other institutions that work with people at risk of social exclusion
• Promotion and training of volunteers.
• Provide tutelage services to those people who need it.

In this context, in 2015, Aljaraque created ASORE Project, an information, orientation and advice on searching for employment programme whose objective is social and labour integration of people at risk of social exclusion and help them to find a decent standard of living. :: Encarnación Barrera ::
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AIDRom Association from Romania, was established in 1992 in Bucharest, Romania with the aim to develop spiritually the Romanian nation and to support social and educational activities and humanitarian assistance to those in need from Romania.

AIDRom implements projects nationally for migrants (for asylum seekers, third country citizens, relocated refugee and migrants with a form of protection to be deported) offering social and legal counselling, emergency accommodation, language courses, financial assistance, work labour access.

AIDRom also offers specialized assistance for victims of human trafficking through social and psychological counselling. It works in school with youngsters on prevention matters in Timisoara and Bucharest.

AIDRom develops educational programs within the churches in Romania, educating Church employees on social topics. AIDRom has developed consistent experience in working with refugees and migrants during the implementation of the project as well as involving the Romanian civil society in this matter, either in forms of volunteers or donations or changing mindset regarding migration.

The local branch of AIDRom in Timisoara has developed and implemented a unique strategy of cultural exchange as a instrument of social inclusion. Young Romanian and international volunteers have always been part of our social work in many inclusion activities.

Our staff is made of over 30 hired people: managers, social workers, legal advisers, psychologists, teachers and auxiliary staff. :: Flavius Ilioni Loga ::
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Association GENERATIONS (GEN) is a non-profit organization, located in Sofia, Bulgaria. GEN was established in 2010 with the objective of assisting companies, non-commercial organisations and individuals to maintain a level of professional skill enabling them to compete in the ever more challenging global market place.

Our association works for building social bridges by implementing intergenerational practices, developing and realizing of soft skills trainings, incl. diversity management, enhancing work-life balance and the compatibility of work with care-giving responsibilities. We try to assist the process of managing the differences in the light of the demographic changes.

We work to better fulfill the responsibilities of promoting entrepreneurship and competitiveness and to facilitate the transition to a more environmentally sustainable society, to develop an understanding of the necessity to motivate employees by means of one caring and supportive environment, to encourage the understanding of culture and ethics in business.

We do research, develop and implement the experiences, principles and policies, connected with coexistence and communication between different communities, the principles of civil society and gender mainstreaming, European policies and values, contributing to building social bridges.

• Certified by the German System LQW Learner-Oriented Quality Development for Further Education;
•  Member of the network EMIL – European Map of Intergenerational Learning :: Simona Hristova ::
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CIK SI (2)

The Trebnje Center for Education and Culture is a public organization, established in 1959 by the Trebnje municipality to promote and develop adult education. The Organization has two units: Gallery for naïve art and Adult education center. Gallery for naïve art was established in 1970 and collections consist of paintings and sculptures that were produced by more than 280 artists from all over the world.

Adult education center offers a comprehensive range of education programmes:

• Primary education for adults is intended for all adults with incomplete elementary education,
• Vocational and technical education in the areas of economics, catering, commerce, administration, tourism and pre-school education;
• Courses: language courses, Slovene for foreigners, computer literacy, accounting and bookkeeping courses, assistant chef, home care nurse;
• Third age University is intended for the retired population and aims to prevent loneliness among the elderly, increase their inclusion in education and society, as well as encourage active citizenship;
• Intergenerational learning center;
• National and multilateral projects.

The CIK Trebnje participates in European projects in the field of adult and socially weekly groups learning, to raise their level of literacy, to increase the scope of competences, social inclusion… Our team participated in European projects as a coordinator in project management activities and as a partner within research and development activities, focusing on the research activities in the field of social inclusion, adult education of socially weekly groups (elderly, rural residents, members of the Roma community, special needs persons, the unemployed, persons serving a prison sentence, etc) and development of curriculums and training programmes in the field of lifelong learning for rising different literacies, a scope of different competences, pedagogical approaches, e-learning… Because of wide network of different target groups our organization also participates in the pilot phase of projects. :: Tanja Vrčkovnik ::
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is a private, secular and non-profit organisation founded in 1983. For over 30 years we have been working – together with thousands of women and men in Italy and throughout the world – to promote change to ensure fair and sustainable development, for the respect of human rights, for peace and justice among people.

We promote, together with volunteers and activists, the participation of the communities, the partnership with other organisations, the enhancement of local resources and projects’ sustainability.

Mission: Operate to support dialogue among the people, sustainable and fair trade and human rights, to favour the achievement of peace and justice among the people.
Vision: Operate to build a world in which diversity is considered a value, a world with many voices, in which we are influenced and enriched by confrontation and where social justice is based above all on the possibility for everyone to access the same rights and opportunities. :: Chiara Aliverti ::
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EUROYOUTH Portugal, founded in 2002 in Lisbon, is an organization specialized in developing training and education activities and in project management consultancy services, from design to implementation and evaluation.

Our aim to internationalise education: training and learning without frontiers. We believe that training and education are the way to make societies stronger, contribute to employability and prosperity and safeguard the integrity of future generations.

We have a large experience in educative and training activities aiming at personal, social, linguistic and professional development like internships, job shadowing, language courses, workshops and visits. We hosted around 3.600 participants from 250 partners and 27 countries. We have supported 72 outgoing mobility projects from 30 different promoters, including 8 coordinated by EUROYOUTH or the Consortium it leads – XPTO+. We have also been active in partnerships and good practices projects, like Erasmus+ KA2 or Sports.

We are strategic project partners in issues like labour market, (un)employments, youth, gender equality, project management, vocational orientation, internships, tutoring/mentoring, citizenship, transversal skills, employability, interculturality, among others.

Some of the projects we participated in are: ROI-MOB (measuring return of investment in mobility), SPREAD (good practices in mobility organisation), GO JOB GO (Employability), MOB GAE (research on mobility impacts), PIA2 (project management as a teaching/learning tool in VET), ECDI: Everybody Can Do It (gender equality), PLACET (Supporting Placement Companies), T-TACTIC@SCHOOL (manual for managing and mentoring the international work placements). :: Celina Santos ::
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Youth and Culture Foundation (Fundación Juventud y Cultura) is a non-profit and private Foundation that looks for achieving the follow objectives:

• Promote the participation of young people and adults in European projects.
• Bring the European educative policies closer to the civil society.
• Foster a better knowledge about the European Union policies and the EU in general.
• Support a better employment among young people and adults through the participation in European projects.
• Foster the participation of European citizens in local, regional, national and European politics.
The main activities of the Foundation are:
• Organisation of courses, seminaries and other training activities.
• Providing technical support in writing projects (mainly in the framework of European programmes) for public and private bodies.
• Promoting social inclusion through European projects and European activities.
• Promoting social and economical development, fostering entrepreneurship and enhancing labour market access without discrimination.

The Foundation has good relationships with important networks of public and private organisations both in Spain, all over the country, and internationally, in Europe and beyond. According to the topics and activities proposed in the projects, the Foundation is able to do the right matchmaking to start new cooperation and involve balanced and complementary partnerships to carry out transnational activities. :: Santiago Reyes ::
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LEB DE (2)

The Ländliche Erwachsenenbildung Thüringen e.V. (Rural adult education Thuringia; LEB) is an educational institution acknowledged by the Thuringian law and provides adult education since 1991. We operate four regional offices and organize educational activities all over Thuringia. The LEB possesses 150 member-groups and associations in Thuringia and support them in their educational work.

On regional level the LEB provides qualification activities dependent on requirements by the labor market, e.g. qualification for child minders and assistant for elderly/ people with dementia.

Since 2015 we are engaged in the educational work with refugees.

The LEB is working in several educational projects on a European level for more than 10 years. The topics are: the enhancement of early childhood education; enhancing the methodology skills of people who work in adult education; regional development through counselling and education and the improvement of the support of youngsters in their vocational orientation and integration.

Another well-established field of work is the organization and implementation of learning mobilities in Europe, e.g., mobilities within the Leonardo and SeVIL program as well as GRUNDTVIG mobility projects.

Since 2014 we successfully operate and implement learning mobilities for several topics to enhance the quality and the internationalization of adult education in Thuringia.

We are currently working in the national program „MobiPro-EU“, promoted by the Federal Employment Agency. Within this program we support youngsters from Spain, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria during their apprenticeship in Thuringia. The assistance refers to language, professional and social support. Besides the aim of a completed apprenticeship our task is to foster the social integration of the youngsters in Germany. :: Beatrice Bojarra-Schachtzabel ::
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Latvian Adult Education Association (LAEA) is a nongovernmental organization, which unites 62 adult education institutions and physical entities in Latvia. Latvian Adult Education Association is founded in 1993 and its goal is to promote development of non-formal education system in Latvia, participate in creating life- long learning policy and promote development of civil, democratic and well balanced society.

From 1995 Latvian Adult Education Association is an organization member of European Adult Education Association and European Basic Skills network. LAEA is a member of Latvian Platform of Development Education and Civic Alliance – Latvia. Latvian Adult Education Association is participating in developing National Development Plans and Strategies of adult education, represents non-governmental sector in Supervisory Board of European Social Fund.

Latvian Adult Education Association has network including adult education organizations of whole Latvia, experienced trainers, approbated programs, methodological and educational materials, remarkable experience in implementing projects.

Main directions of work:
• development of lifelong learning system in Latvia;
• methodological and educational support to adult education institutions;
• education of youth, integration them in labour market and society;
• civil education for integration in society;
• integration of retired people and other social risk groups in society.

Latvian Adult Education Association together with European Adult Education Association and other adult education institutions of Europe has worked out a model of quality management in adult education and disseminate it to educational institution of Latvia; has worked out criteria, methods and models of recognition of non-formal and informal education in a formal education system.

LAEA together with National Education centre of Latvia and National Library of Latvia has established long term network and information exchange system of cooperation among different levels of educational systems about recognition of non-formal and informal education.

LAEA has facilitated the recognition of knowledge, skills and competences gained by individuals in different learning environments, has done different research about learners motivation in the context of life long learning policy, about LLL accessibility and others. ::  Sarmite Pilate ::
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