Multiplier Event – EUROYOUTH (Portugal)



As expected, yesterday (28th November 2019), EUROYOUTH organized its Multiplier Event in Casa do Brasil de Lisboa and presented the project to several women organizations and also individual women who relate to this project.

It was a very important moment to disseminate this project and inform relevant people of the work developed so far for all partners in this Project WhomeN. 

The presentation was organized in two parts, the first one with the presentation of the project, objectives, partners, dissemination strategies, the Qualitative Study, the Protocol and the Interactive Platform. In the second part there was a moment to explore the Platform and also to test a Certificate of Soft Skills.

Finally, the public were involved in a game called Thinking out of the box, which is one of the methods developed for the Curriculum present in the Protocol that develops Soft Skills such as Creative and Strategic Thinking, a metaphor that means thinking differently, non conventionally or in a different perspective.

All partners will be organizing their own Multiplier Events in their countries so, don’t miss next news!

Also, stay alert for the launching of the Platform, where you will find the Protocol and all the materials developed.

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